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Problems involving Bad Hip Implant have been reported from patients that underwent hip surgery. Bad Hip Implant and the design of the DePuy hip replacement has lead to problems.

An artificial hip replacement implant is then placed in to function as a new hip joint. The risk of complication and recovery period are greater for revision surgery. The surgery is often but not always more extensive than your previous surgery and the complications similar but more frequent than the first operation. After all, the health of the hip is straightaway proportional to the overall health and wellbeing of a person. The infection will also damage the hip*bone.


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Bad Hip Implant has been linked to Depuy hip replacements. Patients who received Bad Hip Implant have been experiencing pain and complications.

It still will take one or two decades before that durability can be truly assessed. The new shell and liner are then pressed into the acetabulum. Revision hip replacement surgery is for people who have had a total hip replacement in the past but are experiencing pain and/or instability in their artificial hip. But keep in mind that successful hip revision surgery is also contingent on the patientis diligence with his or her rehabilitation program following surgery. Your doctor may determine that it is best for your recovery if you go to a rehabilitation center after discharge from the hospital.

Bad Hip Implant

Bad Hip Implant

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