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Johnson & Johnson recently announced the recall and withdrawal of its DePuy ASR hip replacement system due to Bad Hip Implant. Because of Bad Hip Implant, Depuy hip replacements have been recalled.

Bone grafts from your pelvis and/or from a bone bank may be needed if defects need to be filled with bone. Patients should be wary of this and not jeopordize their current and future legal rights by signing any documents for DePuy without obtaining independent legal advice. It provides a wide exposure that facilitates the removal of existing implants, correction of femoral deformity and implantation of revision components while allowing the surgeon to reconstitute bone-stock deficiency. Revision hip replacement surgery is for people who have had a total hip replacement in the past but are experiencing pain and/or instability in their artificial hip. Your doctoris physician assistant or nurse will discuss facilities available for your needs, and a Case Manager specializing in Discharge Planning will meet with you during your admission.


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Bad Hip Implant has been linked to Depuy hip replacements. Patients who received Bad Hip Implant have been experiencing pain and complications.

Some newer implants have promise, others may not turn out to be better. The first surgery of its kind was performed in Europe in 1997 and was only FDA approved in the U.S. Procedures like femoral osteotomy and periacetabular osteotomy can take care of hip dysplasia symptoms, like pain and range of motion difficulties, and they can prolong the amount of time before a necessary THR. Your physical therapist will help you learn how to use your walker or crutches correctly and help you to obtain the appropriate equipment for use at home. Make sure to schedule your first evaluation within the recommended timeframe indicated by your surgeon.

Bad Hip Implant

Bad Hip Implant

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