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Problems involving Bad Hip Implant have been reported from patients that underwent hip surgery. Bad Hip Implant and the design of the DePuy hip replacement has lead to problems.

The femur bone can be fractured during surgery, requiring extra repair procedures. But they do not actually fix the structural problem of a shallow socket. Other possible reasons for revision surgery include fracture, dislocation of the artificial parts, and infection. The doctor or therapist will decide when you can move on to more demanding activities. This metal ion release damages tissue, causes pseudotumours, and results in osteolysis requiring hip revision surgery to remove and replace the device.


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If you have a Bad Hip Implant and are experiencing negative side effects after surgery, talk to a trusted lawyer from Zimmerman Reed. There has been a recall for Bad Hip Implant.

The part attached to the acetabulum is removed first. The pain is felt in both the hip area and the thigh when both parts of the prosthesis have become loose; if only the femoral component has been affected, the patient usually feels pain only in the thigh. Most of these programs begin with safe range-of-motion activities and muscle-strengthening exercises. Usually, people do not spend more than 3 to 5 days in the hospital after hip replacement surgery. Keep in mind that hip revision surgery is a voluntary, but safe procedure.

Bad Hip Implant

Bad Hip Implant

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