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Problems involving Bad Hip Implant have been reported from patients that underwent hip surgery. Bad Hip Implant and the design of the DePuy hip replacement has lead to problems.

As increasing numbers of young patients have these procedures, and as seniors continue to live longer, a growing segment of joint replacement patients will outlast their implants. Aseptic loosening is the most common mode of failure of hip and knee implants. There is a high risk of dislocation for 12 weeks after revision hip surgery, and restrictions must be continued for at least that long to prevent dislocation. There is also a 2 percent risk of the femoral neck fracturing in the first 6 months. Pain is the primary reason for revision.


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There are patients who have been experiencing Bad Hip Implant after hip surgery involved with Depuy hip replacements. Revision surgery has been needed for people experiencing Bad Hip Implant.

A properly equipped hospital ready for any situation is a consideration as well. The anatomy and pathophysiology of failed joint replacement implants3 Younger TI, Bradford MS, Magnus RE, Paprosky WG: Extended proximal femoral osteotomy: A new technique for femoral revision arthroplasty. This technique is called impaction grafting. Long-term results are typically excellent. This recommended timeframe is four to six weeks following your hip replacement surgery.

Bad Hip Implant

Bad Hip Implant

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