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Johnson & Johnson recently announced the recall and withdrawal of its DePuy ASR hip replacement system due to Hip Replacement Failures. Because of Hip Replacement Failures, Depuy hip replacements have been recalled.

To understand just what went wrong, it is necessary to know the basics of how a hip works. The part attached to the acetabulum is removed first. For this reason, you must have your joint followed up for life as there can be changes on X-ray that indicate that the hip should be revised despite having no symptoms. The use of artificial hip implants is extremely effective in improving hip joints that are damaged by injury or some form of arthritis. After a period of normal wear and tear of the hip joint, the prosthesis does not fit as securely and is not as effective.


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Hip Replacement Failures has been linked to Depuy hip replacements. Patients who received Hip Replacement Failures have been experiencing pain and complications.

Current hip and knee replacements are expected to function at least 10 to 20 years in 90 percent of patients. With bank bone, infections can be transmitted in the same way as with blood transfusions (see Disease Transmission Through Blood Transfusion). After all, the health of the hip is straightaway proportional to the overall health and wellbeing of a person. DePuy estimates approximately 10,000 patients may need revision surgery, however we believe that this grossly underestimates the number hip revision surgeries that will be necessary. Your doctor will decide how much weight you can put on your surgery leg.

Hip Replacement Failures

Hip Replacement Failures

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