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Problems with metal-on-metal hip implants such as Hip Replacement Failures, which can shed metal particles into the body. Hip Replacement Failures and the particles can damage soft tissue, cause inflammatory reactions and lead to bone loss.

Hip and knee replacements have been performed in millions of Americans over the last four decades. These activities can damage the new hip or cause loosening of its parts. How do I prepare for hip revision surgery? In order to prepare for surgery, patients are requested to schedule a series of appointments prior to the surgery date to receive testing and clearance for surgery. These goals and instructions may include limitations on weight-bearing activities following surgery and specific exercises that will help you in recovery. At the rehabilitation center, you will have concentrated time with a physical therapist and occupational therapist and will regain your strength, learn about all your hip exercises and the precautions that youill need to follow.


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If you have a Hip Replacement Failures and are experiencing negative side effects after surgery, talk to a trusted lawyer from Zimmerman Reed. There has been a recall for Hip Replacement Failures.

Many people have hip arthritis, but it can be difficult to know when the right time to have a hip replacement surgery is. Estimated rates of infection following THR range between one in 300 operations and one in 100. Plastic (polyethylene) wear This is one of the easier revisions where only the plastic insert is changed Dislocation (instability) means the hip is popping out of place. Osteolysis (bone loss) This can occur due to particles being released into the hip joint that result in bone being destroyed. If there is infection, it is possible that this will have to be treated after the implant is removed, followed by a later surgery to place the new implants.

Hip Replacement Failures

Hip Replacement Failures

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