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Problems with metal-on-metal hip implants such as Hip Replacement Failures, which can shed metal particles into the body. Hip Replacement Failures and the particles can damage soft tissue, cause inflammatory reactions and lead to bone loss.

Joint aspiration may be necessary to ensure no infection. In addition, a minority of patients who have had THR have always had pain from their artificial joints, and these patients may not consider their discomfort new or significant. Other causes include infection, a component of the implant coming loose, hip dislocation, quick wear and tear of the plastic component and inexplicable agony in the region. On May 25, 2010 a Medical Device Alert was issued in the UK for the DePuy Hip. The typical life of an artificial hip joint is 10-15 years, depending on the patientis daily use of the joint.


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If you have a Hip Replacement Failures and are experiencing negative side effects after surgery, talk to a trusted lawyer from Zimmerman Reed. There has been a recall for Hip Replacement Failures.

DePuy Orthopaedics has recalled its ASR replacement hip system because its components can come loose, fracturing the bone around the implant, depositing metal fragments in the bloodstream, and causing pseudotumors. If the joint is infected, it might be surgically removed and re-implanted with antibiotic-filled cement. Current hip and knee replacements are expected to function at least 10 to 20 years in 90 percent of patients. Additional studies, such as bone scans, may also be recommended by your doctor. When the hip is cured of infection, surgery is performed to provide a new prosthetic.

Hip Replacement Failures

Hip Replacement Failures

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