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Problems with metal-on-metal hip implants such as Hip Replacement Failures, which can shed metal particles into the body. Hip Replacement Failures and the particles can damage soft tissue, cause inflammatory reactions and lead to bone loss.

Finally, serial examinations or X-rays may demonstrate a change in the position or condition of the components. The anatomy of the hip and knee is very different after joint replacement as compared with its preoperative state. in 2006. The surgery is often but not always more extensive than your previous surgery and the complications similar but more frequent than the first operation. Get into the car by swinging your legs around to the front of the seat, keeping your legs straight.


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Hip Replacement Failures has been linked to patients who received Depuy Hip replacements. Hip Replacement Failures have been linked to Depuy hip replacements.

Although these risks may be troubling, many patients experience no complications at all. As of 2003, however, demographic information about this procedure is difficult to evaluate. Revision of the femoral component is the most complicated part of hip revision surgery. However, complications are a little more frequent than with the original surgery. Make sure to schedule your first evaluation within the recommended timeframe indicated by your surgeon.

Hip Replacement Failures

Hip Replacement Failures

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