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Problems involving Hip Replacement Failures have been reported from patients that underwent hip surgery. Hip Replacement Failures and the design of the DePuy hip replacement has lead to problems.

When they were first put in, the large metal and plastic implants of joint replacement were placed with the intention of staying fixed for a long time. Pain is the primary reason for revision. It provides a wide exposure that facilitates the removal of existing implants, correction of femoral deformity and implantation of revision components while allowing the surgeon to reconstitute bone-stock deficiency. You may have an appointment after surgery depending on the wound closure method preferred by your surgeon to have the sutures removed. You may go out in a car (as a passenger) approximately three weeks after you return home, but make sure to avoid sports cars and cars with bucket seats because of the low seat height.


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There are patients who have been experiencing Hip Replacement Failures after hip surgery involved with Depuy hip replacements. Revision surgery has been needed for people experiencing Hip Replacement Failures.

When the prosthesis becomes loose, the patient may experience pain, deformity, or instability. In most cases, however, increasing pain in the affected hip is one of the first indications that revision surgery is necessary. For patients who are young when they undergo a hip replacement, revision surgery is almost inevitable. Pain from hardware e.g.. The infection will also damage the hip*bone.

Hip Replacement Failures

Hip Replacement Failures

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