What is A Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action is a legal tool which allows individuals who have experienced a common injury to assert their claims in an affordable and efficient manner. Class actions deter businesses from using deceptive business practices or finding a way out of accountability by committing multiple “minor” violations. The class action empowers individuals who have been wronged but cannot afford to engage in lone combat against a powerful defendant and all its available resources.

What is a class period?

A class period is the time frame during which a company is alleged to have been improperly conducting its business or during which a defective product was on the market. The class period is, identified in both the complaint and the notice, is determined by the attorneys investigating and prosecuting, and is confirmed by the court presiding in the matter. There is always the possibility that the class period will be lengthened or shortened to more accurately address the appropriate time period.

What does it cost me to join a class action lawsuit?

Generally, there is no out-of-pocket cost to any class member regardless of the outcome. In most class actions, the attorneys primarily work on a contingent fee basis, where the firm pays all costs and expenses. If we are successful in obtaining a recovery on behalf of class members, the law firm will ask the court to award attorney fees and costs incurred in the litigation from the recovery. The amount of the fee award will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the recovery as well as the duration and complexity of the litigation.

How long will it take for my lawsuit to be resolved?

Each case is different, however a typical class action will take two to four years.

What is a claim form?

A claim form is the court-required document that all class members must submit prior to a deadline to participate in a court-approved settlement.

What is a settlement notice?

A notice which describes the terms of the settlement and outlines the rights of the class members under that settlement.

How much money will I receive in a Settlement?

Each case is different. The damages paid to clients depend greatly on the injury incurred, the related financial loss, the difficulty establishing the Defendants’ liability and the terms of the Settlement Agreement.

Will I have to testify?

Probably not, unless the court appoints you as a class representative. The class representative generally provides a deposition during the litigation and offers testimony at trial. If the case proceeds to trial, it is sometimes required for each individual class members to provide some kind of sworn statement attesting to the loss incurred.

Can I participate in more than one class action at a time?

Yes. If you have authentically experienced a loss in an incident that is the subject of a class action and can establish your injury, you are eligible to participate.

Why should I sign up with Zimmerman Reed?

Over the past thirty years, Zimmerman Reed has represented tens of thousands of clients in both individual and class action cases. Our firm has consistently demonstrated its ability to successfully manage complex litigation while forming close relationships with our clients. We understand that legal problems can and do affect all aspects of a person’s life or business, and at times these problems seem insurmountable. However, we are convinced that there is a solution to every problem. With the involvement of highly experienced attorneys in every matter along with our determination to finding a solution, we not only help our clients look beyond their current problems, but assist them in moving forward.