Pacquiao and Mayweather Concede to Fans’ Allegations

November 15, 2016

Pacquiao and Mayweather fans alleged that they were defrauded out of a fair fight between the two powerhouses. Some fans paid up to $100 to view the event and claim that the boxers, promoters, and networks mislead viewers and the promotional companies had prior knowledge of the injury but kept fans in the dark foreseeing a decent payout for the boxers. Law360 reports that viewers across the country have brought claims that had they been aware of the injury, they would not have paid to view the highly anticipated pay-per-view match. ZR attorney Hart Robinovitch was appointed as interim lead counsel in the multi-district litigation.

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Fans Litigation for Record-Breaking Boxing Match

October 7, 2016

According to a report by Law360, pay-per-view customers accuse Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, and their affiliates on the grounds that they hid Pacquiao’s shoulder injury to boost ratings and sales of the highly anticipated 2015 fight between the two powerhouse boxers. The fans defended their allegations that the boxers forged a bogus fight, foreseeing a decent payout of $500 million. “Concealment of Manny Pacquiao’s injury was not an unfortunate eventuality anticipated by the rules of sport and its fans, it was a [staged] plan to cash in on the biggest payday in boxing history at the expense of the millions of consumers who would learn, after the fact, that they had paid unprecedented prices to watch a one-armed man lose a fight,” the fans said. Viewers hail from 12 states. Boxing fans are represented by Hart Robinovitch and Caleb Marker of Zimmerman Reed.

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Carolyn Anderson Named to Bloomberg Law Litigation Innovation Board for 2016

September 13, 2016

Zimmerman Reed managing partner, Carolyn Anderson, is one of 20 leading litigators for Bloomberg’s Litigation Innovation Board. Board members are responsible for providing feedback on enhancements and serve as consultants for new product launches. Additionally, they inform the direction of future litigation and analytics solutions. “As a Bloomberg Law subscriber, I am excited to have the opportunity to provide input to enhance its forward-looking technology,” said Carolyn. “I am honored to serve with the other distinguished attorneys on this board and help Bloomberg Law continue to innovate.”

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California Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Los Angeles Resident

August 11, 2016

A California appellate court ruled that Los Angeles cannot outsource its initial review of traffic violations to a private contractor, LA Weekly reports. “Drivers across California should demand that their elected officials follow the law and end their illegal parking contracts with for-profit companies,” Caleb Marker, attorney at Zimmerman Reed, said. The court also remarked that Xerox, the for-profit company that Los Angeles outsourced the plaintiff’s ticket to, profited off of each ticket paid and was also incentivized to conduct administrative hearings. The court ordered that Xerox no longer have power to conduct any further reviews.

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Lawyers Ask to Centralize Abilify Gambling Lawsuits

June 27, 2016

Law360 reports that dozens of federal court lawsuits alleging that Bristol-Myers Squibb didn’t provide adequate warning to American users about the risk of compulsive gambling associated with the top-selling prescription antipsychotic drug Abilify.  Attorneys have asked the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to consolidate the cases in Florida.

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David Cialkowski Moderates Discussion on Law Firm Data Security at Annual Federal Practice Seminar

June 21, 2016

Zimmerman Reed partner, David Cialkowski, was the moderator of, “Law Firm Data Security-Fulfilling Your Ethical Duties to Keep You and Your Clients’ Data Safe from Attack,” at the 42nd Annual Federal Bar Practice Seminar. The panel included lawyers, data protection and cyber security specialists who talked about rising threats to law firms from attackers. The panel also reviewed how breaches occur and preventative measures that can help protect client data and maintain ethical responsibilities.

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FDA Warns of Uncontrollable Urges with Use of Antipsychotic Drug

May 3, 2016

The FDA issued a warning to the public of adverse side effects with use of Abilify–such as compulsive gambling, binge eating, shopping, and overactive sexual desires. Abilify is prescribed to patients with mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression, Tourette’s disorder, and irritability associated with autistic disorder. The FDA cautions that these compulsive disorders can affect anyone who is taking the medicine and patients should consult their physician before quitting Abilify if uncontrollable urges develop.

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Retired NHL Players Accuse League of “Mischaracterized” Doctor’s Tests

April 20, 2016

Ex-NHL players allege that the League was putting Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in a bad light, as reported by Law360. CTE is a neuro-degenerative condition due to concussive blows to the brain and can only be diagnosed by a medical examiner via autopsy. The NHL argued that the medical examiner should disclose his evaluation of the players. The players allege that the NHL is seeking to “get a leg up on expert discovery…in hopes of gaining whatever advantage might come from premature expert discovery.” Changes in personality, sleeplessness, severe depression, headaches, and loss of memory are all signs pointing to CTE. The former NHL players are represented by attorneys at Zimmerman Reed.

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MN Timberwolves Under Fire for Paperless Ticket Sales

March 7, 2016

Law360 reports that two MN Timberwolves season ticket holders are bringing a class action alleging that the NBA team’s new paperless ticketing sets a floor market price which makes it nearly impossible to sell their tickets. They allege that the NBA team introduced the new platform, Flash Seats, months into the 2015-16 season, forcing fans who would like to resell their tickets to do so at mandatory minimums—which has been a difficult feat due to the Timberwolves’ bleak standing. The fans, who are represented by Zimmerman Reed, claim that the Timberwolves abandoned a 25-year system for one that has not seen any positive output for consumers. “Defendant sets the mandatory minimum prices for resale of Timberwolves tickets very high – usually 75 percent or more of the tickets’ face value – despite the fact the market dictates that tickets to see a team having the Timberwolves’ record should be priced much lower,” the fans allege. “The inability to sell tickets at prices dictated by the fair market renders them worth far less than what plaintiffs and the class paid for them.” Additionally, Flash Seats only provides fans rights to a digital seat, which one can only redeem in person. This mechanism makes it difficult for fans to sell their tickets.

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Minnesota Dept. of Commerce Escheats Unclaimed Properties

January 28, 2016

Allegations have come forward regarding the Minnesota Department of Commerce seizing dormant accounts with large sums of money and making it harder for the rightful owners to claim it back—as reported by MinnPost. The unclaimed property program was initially put in place in 1969 to protect inactive financial accounts and properties from financial institutions. State legislature used to require that individuals receive a written notice when their property was seized and could be recorded by local newspapers, but this requisite was overturned in 2005. In 2006, the state had $318 million from unclaimed accounts and the number has spiked in recent years. As of December 2015, the State of Minnesota has racked up $711.5 million (and keeps rising). This money now sits in the state’s general fund for unlimited use. Zimmerman Reed attorneys are working with a class to retrieve and return the money to their rightful owners.

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