Camp Fire Wildfire 

The deadly and destructive Camp Fire wildfire has destroyed more than 153, 000 acres, over 18,000 homes and other buildings, and has claimed 88 lives. Mercury News reported that firefighter radio transmissions discuss a malfunctioning PG&E power line that may have triggered the state’s most destructive wildfire.

Residents are in a time of crisis due to injuries and property damage caused by the wildfires. Right now, the primary concern is making sure residents are safe. Our law firm is on the ground in Pulga, and the surrounding area, ready to consult with any resident or business owner to assess how to seek immediate support and compensation. If you or a loved one has been affected by this disaster, we want to hear from you.

Bucky Zimmerman, one of the founders of Zimmerman Reed, is personally connected to the town of Pulga and cares deeply about the residents and business owners in the area. His step-daughter, Betsy Ann Cowley, has experienced the devastation first hand; a home on her property was destroyed from the Camp Fire wildfire.

Our firm understands how to obtain appropriate compensation for individuals who have been impacted by a wildfire. We have a legal team that is committed to the issue of public safety and will work diligently to defend individuals, families, and businesses that have experienced financial loss from property damage, physical injury, or business interruption as a result of the wildfires. Please reach out to us to learn about your rights – fill out our free case review form or give us a call at 1.800.887.8029 . We can answer any questions you have and help you navigate your next steps.

Camp Fire Wildfire Background

On Thursday November 8, 2018, a wildfire, referred to as the Camp Fire, was reported in the foothills northeast of Chico, California. As of November 21, it is reported that the Camp Fire has reduced 153, 000 acres, over 22,000 homes and other buildings to ash, and has claimed the lives of more than 80 individuals as it erupted into the deadliest wildfire in California.

According to reports, the California utility regulators and CalFire staff are investigating whether or not PGE complied with state rules and regulations in the areas affected by the fire.

Helpful Information

We have prepared a short list of helpful information and resources including FEMA information, insurance company contacts, and USPS information to help people affected by the Camp Fire. Click here to view helpful information.

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How we can help

If you have been affected by the wildfires, please reach out to us to discuss your legal options. Our firm’s commitment is to fight on behalf of our clients to recover for damages caused by illegal or negligent conduct that impacts our communities and our environment.

Please fill out our free case review form or give us a call at 1.800.887.8029 to learn more. Zimmerman Reed has more than 30 years of holding companies accountable and we want to help you.