Atlas Chalet Roof Shingles Investigation

Homeowners who have Atlas Chalet shingles are reporting that this brand of roof shingle cracks, blisters, and splits, leading in some cases to water exposure and damage to homes. If you were one of the many affected, you may have a claim and we want to hear from you.

Despite being advertised as reliable and durable, and warranted as “free from manufacturing defects,” it appears Atlas Chalet shingles fail prematurely, causing thousands of homeowners to face costly repairs, including an entire roof replacement. Numerous complaints allege that the top part of the shingle that is laminated blisters and corrodes away, or that shingles crack prematurely, leading to water leaks and other damage. It’s alleged that the company minimizes the warranty claims and refuses to repair the damaged shingles, instead blaming damage on shoddy installation or weather, or characterizing the damage as only cosmetic.

How We Can Help

If your Atlas Chalet roof shingles are cracking, blistering or otherwise deteriorating, we want to hear from you. Zimmerman Reed is investigating claims from homeowners who have Atlas shingles. If you have questions and would like to speak with someone, please contact us directly at 1.800.887.8029. Zimmerman Reed is experienced in handling defective product cases and we welcome any questions you may have.