Have You Worked As A Beachbody Coach?

Being a Beachbody Coach can be a full-time job, with responsibilities that continue far outside the office, and require big investments of time and money. However, according to a Forbes article, in 2016 the average pay for a Beachbody Coach was $3,233, and half of all Beachbody Coaches earned nothing at all.

Beachbody prides itself on having Coaches who live the product, and expect its Coaches to perform the exercise routines, and use the products that Beachbody sells. Even when there are flexible hours, in order to succeed, many Coaches feel pressured to work full time. Many Coaches spend hours every day attempting to recruit other Coaches, hosting group workouts, or selling Beachbody products, but are only compensated for successful sales or recruits, or according to an arbitrary and unfair bonus scheme.

This means that many Coaches are spending hours working to promote Beachbody for free. Even if their marketing efforts are successful and a customer does eventually sign up for a Beachbody product, there is no guarantee that the Coach who inspired them will see any part of the profits unless the customer ends up purchasing through that Coach’s platform or joining their group.

If your employment contract states that you are an “independent contractor,” that does not necessarily mean this is your employment status under California Law. The California Supreme Court has a simple test to determine the status of a worker and if they are entitled to the protections of labor laws. We believe that under that test, Beachbody Coaches may be employees and therefore entitled to benefits that independent contractors are not. For example, if you worked as a Beachbody Coach and should have been classified as an employee, you should have been paid minimum wage, and were entitled to overtime, expense reimbursement, and more.

I Am/Was a Beachbody Coach – What Can I Do?

Coaches work hard to promote the Beachbody brand, lifestyle, and products – while Beachbody may market itself as a club or a lifestyle, it gets the bulk of its earnings from the products it sells, many of which are marketed by Coaches like you.

You worked hard for Beachbody and you deserve to be treated fairly. If you have lost money or have not been fairly paid for all of your time spent selling and promoting BeachBody or any other health and wellness company, we would like to assist you with your potential claim. Please fill out a free case review or give us a call at 1.800.887.8029 to learn how we can help.

Zimmerman Reed has over 30 years of experience representing workers like you. We are here to listen to your story and answer any questions you may have. All information you submit will be kept confidential, and it is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for speaking with a lawyer or trying to protect your legal rights.