Exotic Dancer Employee Rights

Our firm is working with several law firms from across the United States to protect the rights of former and current exotic dancers classified as “independent contractors” – instead of employees – so that the strip club could bypass their duty to pay dancers hourly wages on top of their tips as required under state and federal laws. Allegations of exotic dancer misclassification are not new and have been the subject of several lawsuits and settlements. If you have information about your current or past employer misclassifying employees as independent contractors, we want to hear from you. We can help you determine if you have a claim to recover improper deductions from your past wages.

Think about it: Employers who fail to compensate their dancers for their entire shift on a daily basis are potentially shaving hundreds and thousands of dollars from each paycheck. The employer may say it’s only a few bucks a week, but over time, and with many employees affected – potentially millions of dollars are at stake. There’s power in numbers, be part of a powerful group.

How We Can Help

If you were misclassified as an independent contract, call us to learn about your rights. There’s power in numbers. Be part of a powerful group. Learn more at 1.800.887.8029 or fill out a free confidential case review form. Zimmerman Reed is experienced in handling employment cases and we welcome your questions. By law, employers can’t retaliate against you for speaking with a lawyer or for trying to protect your legal rights.