Overpriced HDMI Cable Investigation

Did you buy an expensive HDMI cable because you thought it would give you better picture or sound? Consumers are taking HDMI cable manufacturers to task for misleading advertising claiming that expensive cables provide better picture or sound than cheaper versions. Few products range so significantly in price than HDMI cables, yet look the same and do the same thing. If you spent more than $20 on an HDMI cable thinking that the extra money would pay off, we may be able to help you recoup money. Call us at 1.800.887.8029 or submit a free case review to learn more about our work on behalf of consumers.

What Is An HDMI Cable?

HDMI cables are used in a wide range of consumer electronics. Most often, they are used to connect TVs to other devices, such as DVD/Blu-ray players and audio receivers. They also connect computers to monitors. HDMI cables transmit a digital signal – or a bunch of 1s and 0s. Electronic devices read these 1s and 0s the same way you read the words in a book. For example, when a movie is transmitted from a DVD player to a TV over an HDMI cable, the TV “reads” the 1s and 0s it receives, and translates them into the movie that is displayed on the screen.

Expensive HDMI Cables Do Not Provide Better Picture Or Audio

Popular Mechanics conducted a study and found: “The fact is, HDMI is digital, meaning either you get the feed or you don’t.  High prices and gimmicks like gold-plating don’t affect 1s and 0s.” The price of HDMI cables can vary tremendously, yet they are relatively the same product. For example, Best Buy’s AudioQuest Cinnamon 10 foot cable retails on average for $129.98 compared to AmazonBasics 9.8-foot high-speed HDMI cable listed for a mere $6.49. Since HDMI cables are just transmitting 1s and 0s, the only thing that matters is whether the signal passes through the cable intact; it will either reach your TV or it won’t. It’s like mailing someone a book – using FedEx as opposed to UPS will not change the words written on a page. Similarly, if you have a bad HDMI cable, no picture or audio will appear at all. Expensive HDMI cables do not make colors brighter or sounds clearer.

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How We Can Help

When corporations misrepresent goods or services, these violations not only injure individuals, they take a significant toll on public confidence in the marketplace. If you spent more than $20 on an HDMI cable thinking that the extra money would give you a better picture of better sound, we can help you with your potential legal claim. Please call us at 1.800.887.8029 for more information. Zimmerman Reed has a national reputation for excellence in consumer protection litigation and helping consumers receive fair compensation for deceptive practices. We have helped individuals nationwide and we welcome your questions.