Defective Drugs & Devices

Each year thousands of unsuspecting people are injured by defective drugs and/or medical devices. In order to prevent these defective products from reaching the public, certain protocols and regulations have been established and placed on the manufacturers by the FDA. When a company fails to properly investigate their product and/or fails to report any problems or side effects, they put the public’s health in jeopardy. Injuries sustained from using defective prescription drugs or medical devices can not only cause tremendous pain but also financial hardship.


Our team has extensive experience in identifying and vigorously pursuing claims for all of our clients who have been affected by defective pharmaceutical drugs or medical device products.

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Abilify Compulsive Gambling

Top-selling prescription drug Abilify may be associated with compulsive gambling

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Actemra Cardiovascular Risk

Popular rheumatoid arthritis drug, Actemra, may be causing a mass of complications such as heart attacks and heart failure

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ParaGard Copper IUD Complications

Allergan Breast Implant Help

FDA announced it requested Allergan to remove certain textured surface implants

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CVS/Caremark Prescription Shipping

We represent patients alleging that Caremark and CVS Health failed to provide proper shipping procedures

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DePuy ASR Hip Recall

DePuy ASR hip replacement system recalled after reports indicate a high failure rate

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DePuy Attune Knee Problems

Some patients reported complications such as device loosening and an increased need for early revision surgery

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Essure Complications

Women are reporting that the permanent birth control device is causing severe and painful injuries

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zantac cancer link

Heartburn Medication – Zantac – and Possible Cancer Link

Some ranitidine medicines contain a substance that may cause cancer.

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Hepatitis C Outbreak

Hepatitis C Outbreak has caused serious concerns prompting a class action

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Hip Replacement Problems

Patients have experienced the severe complications and issues with their metal-on-metal hips

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Insomnia Medicines

The FDA issued a black-box warning following reports that patients experienced injuries resulting from sleep behaviors.

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invokana amp

Invokana Amputation Risks

Black-box warning for the popular type-2 diabetes drug Invokana

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Invokana Linked to Kidney Cancer

Invokana, a popular type 2 diabetes drug, has been linked to serious side effects, including kidney cancer. 

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IVC Filter Complications

Patients are reporting serious injuries including perforation or other damage to organs

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Medtronic Pacemakers

The FDA issued a Safety Communication about a potentially serious problem involving Medtronic pacemakers.

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ParaGard Copper IUD Complications

ParaGard Copper IUD Complications

Women implanted report that the IUDs break during removal surgery

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Safety Alert: Onglyza & Kombiglyze

Cardiovascular risks associated with Onglyza or Kombiglyze

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Safety Alert: Physiomesh Hernia

Safety Alert: Physiomesh Hernia patch

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St. Jude Defibrillators

Certain St. Jude defibrillators may experience premature battery depletion

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Stryker Hip Recall

Stryker hip replacements are linked to a high early failure rate, resulting in early revision surgery

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Stryker LFIT V40

Stryker LFIT V40 Problems

New reports have surfaced regarding problems with the Stryker LFIT V40 component

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Stryker Tritanium Acetabular Cup

A number of Tritanium cups have come loose causing pain and other complications

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Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer

Women using talcum powder and later developing ovarian cancer

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Transvaginal Mesh Problems

Thousands of women may have been unnecessarily exposed to a significant risk of injuries

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Viagra Melanoma Risks

Viagra may be putting certain men at risk for developing a dangerous form of skin cancer

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Zofran Birth Defects

Some birth defects and health risks in newborns have been linked to Zofran

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