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Abilify Settlements Reached In Three Bellwether Cases Set For Trial This Summer

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Weeks before the first three Abilify cases were set to be tried in June, parties agreed to settle following mediation. Abilify, a widely-prescribed drug, is used to treat those suffering from schizophrenia, depression, or bipolar disorder. People taking Abilify have alleged the drug caused them to experience uncontrollable and impulsive behaviors to gamble. In 2016,… Read more »

Lawyers Ask to Centralize Abilify Gambling Lawsuits

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Law360 reports that dozens of federal court lawsuits alleging that Bristol-Myers Squibb didn’t provide adequate warning to American users about the risk of compulsive gambling associated with the top-selling prescription antipsychotic drug Abilify.  Attorneys have asked the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to consolidate the cases in Florida.

FDA Warns of Uncontrollable Urges with Use of Antipsychotic Drug

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The FDA issued a warning to the public of adverse side effects with use of Abilify–such as compulsive gambling, binge eating, shopping, and overactive sexual desires. Abilify is prescribed to patients with mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression, Tourette’s disorder, and irritability associated with autistic disorder. The FDA cautions that these compulsive… Read more »