Timberwolves New Ticket Policy Has Fans Fed Up

The Minnesota Timberwolves have completely changed how fans buy, sell, and transfer tickets and it has ticket holders seeing red. This season, the team instituted a new policy to replace paper tickets with a smartphone application called Flash Seats. This new policy appears to impose serious impediments on the ability of ticket holders to transfer their tickets to others. We want to fix this problem, but we need your help. If you are a Timberwolves season ticket holder fed up with this new policy, call us at 1-800-887-8029.

Timberwolves Ticketing Lawsuit

We currently represent Timberwolves fans in a lawsuit over Flash Seats. The lawsuit states that after nearly 25 years of using the same ticketing policy, the Timberwolves unilaterally changed its policy for the 2015-2016 season – after season ticket holders had already purchased their tickets. According to our clients’ allegations, the new policy replaced paper tickets in favor of the Flash Seats paperless ticketing system and ticket holders are barred from selling their tickets below an arbitrarily imposed minimum price – somewhere between 75 and 90 percent in most instances. The lawsuit alleges these changes were made without informing ticket holders or prospective ticket holders and has completely changed how fans buy, sell, and transfer tickets.

Flash Seats is a paperless ticket system that requires the use of a smartphone application or the buyer’s credit card in order to use the ticket at the arena. Gone are the days where fans could easily hand off unused tickets to family, friends, or neighbors. Now, if you have a conflict and can’t make it to a game, it appears the only way to transfer your ticket is through the Flash Seat system. The site also doesn’t allow ticket holders to sell tickets below mandatory minimum prices. So when you can’t make a game, or if the team isn’t playing well, you may not be able to recoup any of your investment in the team since few are likely to buy your tickets for the minimum price set by the team. In sum, Flash Seat’s paperless tickets system takes away ticket holders’ rights to give or sell their tickets to whomever they choose – a right paid for by ticket holders who invest enormous amounts of money and time to support their favorite teams.

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Our attorneys are well-versed in antitrust laws and can decipher the difference between healthy and illegal competitive conduct. If you would like more information about this lawsuit and would like to talk with an attorney, call toll-free at 1-800-887-8029. We welcome your questions and comments.