Stacie, Sioux Falls

“Thank you so much to your entire firm for what you have done for me and my children. We can’t ever thank you enough and are grateful to you.”

Dawn, Iowa Falls

“What we witnessed is something we wish our children could have experienced. A man from small-town fighting against a large company in hopes of making life better for others. Most importantly, though, is the manner in which your team handles themselves in such a professional and caring manner. Your hospitality, genuine caring and patience with our many questions is something we will never forget.”

Sarah, Flagstaff

“Thank you for pursuing my case. We did not believe that anything could be done. We were very excited to learn that the Class Representatives were able to bring proper and effective attention to this matter.”

Tomm, Lonsdale

Thank you very much for the money we received and your hard work and help for investors. We do have a great need and we are grateful for your consideration.

Robert, Inver Grove Heights

Thank you so much for taking the initial research and legal action in my case of which I was part. My deep appreciation for this public act of justice!

Warren & Susan, Minneapolis

We would like to take this opportunity to thank your team for your steadfast determination and hard work on this case. I only regret that when people hear about the outcome of this case they will not understand – until they speak with us – what an important role you played in the outcome.

Lynn, Minneapolis

Thank you for your dedication to the issues and finding solutions on our case. I have lived here for 18 years and truly appreciate all the time consuming work you have done.

Tera, Minneapolis

Just a quick note to send a HUGE thank you your way for all of the energy you’ve been investing in this lawsuit. I can only imagine how much of your personal time this has taken. Thank you so much!