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Diversity and inclusion are core values at Zimmerman Reed.

As a law firm, we recognize our responsibility to act as agents of change to elevate the equity and encourage the inclusion of all individuals, to nurture a robust workplace and world. This means everyone. We work to surround ourselves with colleagues and support the communities that reflect the diverse spectrum of people we fight for every day.

As part of this commitment, Zimmerman Reed encourages its attorneys and staff to participate in outside organizations and affinity bar groups on the local and national levels. Our attorneys are actively involved in a variety of organizations that support and advance the development of a diverse legal community. We view the work we perform in the community as an important effort to establish and reflect the culture of equity, diversity and inclusion we envision.

Zimmerman Reed Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

The law is charged with being the guardian of justice and equality. And as a law firm, we have a unique opportunity to advocate for and to act in support of change by challenging the systems and institutions that perpetuate inequities and injustice. We also have a responsibility to look inward, to engage in conversation, to solicit feedback, and to listen. This work directly aligns with our purpose and core values at Zimmerman Reed but, more importantly, it drives and inspires change within the firm, in the clients and causes we represent, and the outcomes we achieve.

Our focus is on three areas.

First, our practice. We will continue taking on cases that protect and enforce our clients’ rights. We understand that our cases can also have significant social impact and we will strive to do more—to take on institutions and powerful corporations that violate the law, particularly those that perpetuate racial and other inequities.

Second, our employees. We will support firm members in volunteering and encourage their civic participation. We will continue to work in leadership roles in organizations committed to diversity and inclusion, building community within the legal profession, and ensuring equal access to representation and justice. The firm and firm members are taking action that extends beyond the practice and includes working with and volunteering for organizations and nonprofits that serve communities of color.

Third, our giving. The firm will be deliberate in supporting organizations that promote inclusion and equal justice. Currently, the firm provides financial support to organizations and nonprofits that help assure access to opportunity, including Page Education Foundation, Public Justice, Minnesota Urban Debate League, and Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid. We will continue to look for additional opportunities and be intentional about our giving.

Zimmerman Reed will continue to move forward with a strong sense of purpose, to listen, and to learn new ways to not just speak to injustice but act to stand against it. We wholeheartedly believe in this work. We cannot afford not to.