Federal and state antitrust laws establish the baseline rules that encourage healthy competition between businesses while also protecting our free market economy. Some businesses try to get around those rules and rig the game in their favor, causing harm to ethical competitors and consumers. When that happens, proving the existence of anti-competitive behavior –and its economic harm—demands disciplined zealous representation.

Zimmerman Reed knows what it takes to successfully litigate claims for price-fixing, monopolization, bid-rigging, and other anticompetitive conduct. We take pride in the multiple recoveries we have helped governmental entities, small businesses, and individuals achieve for financial losses due to wrongdoers’ anti-competitive conduct and unfair trade practices. We fight for our clients’ rights and our arguments regarding antitrust laws have persuaded state and federal courts across the country.

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Consumer Protection

As consumers, all of us assume that businesses will act lawfully in their transactions with us. Yet some companies violate the laws and rules that they are required to follow when dealing with the public.  Prohibited conduct includes actions like concealment of contractual obligations, misrepresentations regarding goods or services, charges for services not rendered, and other unfair business practices.

Zimmerman Reed has earned both a statewide and national reputation for excellence and innovation in consumer protection litigation brought to address this kind of business wrongdoing. We have an established legacy of protecting the public in cases involving active violation of consumer protection laws. Our expertise also extends to privacy rights in cases where businesses fail to fulfill their responsibilities, such as safeguarding sensitive consumer data or not warning the public from known dangers.

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Employee Rights + Overtime

Zimmerman Reed is dedicated to protecting workers’ rights, where organizations have denied their employees the wages and benefits required by law. We have represented thousands of clients nationwide, recovering overtime, penalties, and other compensation.

Most employees in the United States are entitled to receive minimum wage and overtime compensation, under either federal or state laws. Unfortunately, some employers, even large employers, try to skirt their obligations, either by failing to pay employees for all the time they work, or by misclassifying workers, thus eliminating their entitlement to the protections guaranteed to employees. Zimmerman Reed is committed to challenging all violations of workers’ rights—whether in federal court, state court, or arbitration proceedings—in both traditional and gig economy businesses.

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Financial Fraud, PSLRA + ERISA

When investment schemes or deception occurs in financial markets, institutional and other investors can end up bearing the brunt of the ensuing financial devastation. To help recover these losses, Zimmerman Reed has built a nationwide securities and financial fraud practice. Working in both state and federal courts, we pursue claims for misrepresentation and other financial wrongdoing on behalf of institutional and individual investors and a variety of governmental and public entities.

Our successes include representation of individual investors, institutional clients in Private Securities Litigation Reform Act (PSLRA) actions, and minority shareholders mergers and acquisitions losses.

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Mass Tort

Our firm has been a leader in Mass Tort litigation for forty years. That experience has taught us the critical importance of understanding the full dimensions of what our clients endure. That’s why our multi-disciplinary team takes the time to learn not only the details of the injury incident and the conduct that allowed the harm, but also how each client’s life has changed because of what they’ve been through. Then, we use our decades of experience to seek justice on their behalf.

Our work has earned us a national reputation for excellence in mass tort litigation.  We fight hard for our clients. Our ability to master complexity, define key questions, and demand action has resulted in an impressive record of results. Because of this, courts across the country have repeatedly appointed us to leadership roles in mass tort litigation matters.

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Medical Devices + Drugs

Each year thousands of individuals in our communities are injured by defective drugs and/or medical devices that are taken to address, not cause, illnesses or painful conditions.

In order to prevent these defective products from reaching the public, certain protocols and regulations have been established and placed on the manufacturers by the FDA. When a company fails to properly investigate their product and/or fails to report any problems or side effects, they put the public’s health in jeopardy. Injuries sustained from using defective prescription drugs or medical devices can not only cause tremendous pain but also financial hardship.

Our team has extensive experience in identifying and vigorously pursuing claims for all of our clients who have been harmed by defective pharmaceutical drugs or medical device products.

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Privacy + Data Breach

Today, everything from smart appliances to retail transactions, social media, and other online interactions generates vast amounts of data that contains valuable personal information. That data can then be used to track political affiliations, financial information, private health and medical histories, and more.  Both state and federal governments have created laws that direct what businesses must do to protect personal information and avoid violating personal privacy. But far too often, data breaches and violations of privacy occur.

Zimmerman Reed was one of the first firms —and is now an established leader—in the fight to hold companies responsible when they violate customers’ privacy or fail to protect personal and financial data.  Our experience includes representation of individuals and businesses for data breaches and inadequate data security against businesses like credit agencies, health systems, hotels, retailers, and other consumer goods and services providers. We also actively pursue litigation against companies whose data collection and retention practices directly violate privacy rights.

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Public Client

Zimmerman Reed’s Public Client practice provides legal services to governmental and public entities, including municipalities, public retirement systems, and state attorneys general. Our firm brings a wealth of experience in representing these entities. And our proven record in litigating complex cases in a wide range of practice areas—including antitrust, consumer protection, health care, and securities and investment fraud—makes us uniquely qualified to advise and represent governmental and public entities. We also understand the public policy issues that inform the debate surrounding litigation by governmental and public entities. As such, we dedicate significant focus and resources to the assessment and investigation phase prior to litigation and have the resources to vigorously pursue those cases to trial or positive resolution.

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Sports Law

The sports industry generates billions of dollars every year. Yet the athletes whose work fuels the industry and the consumers who buy tickets and sports-related products don’t always have their rights protected. Zimmerman Reed represents—and protects—college and professional athletes as well as ticketholders and other sports consumers. We advocate for our clients using our collective knowledge, experience, and resources in a variety of cases, including copyright and trademark, publicity issues, contract negotiations, and personal injury.

Our commitment to our clients has led to groundbreaking successes in this area of law. Not only have we obtained monetary recoveries for our clients, but we have also created change. We represented retired NFL players in a historic settlement to resolve retired football players’ publicity rights claims. In a separate case against the NFL, Zimmerman Reed represented hundreds of former NFL players in concussion litigation, which resulted in a settlement that exceeded $1 billion to support retired players affected by concussive head injuries.

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Whistleblower + Qui Tam

Sometimes, entities like large drug companies, financial institutions, or corporations commit fraud in their dealings with the government and fail to compensate the government for what is due. To help recover the losses caused by that wrongdoing, state and federal laws provide protections–and compensation–for whistleblowers who help uncover and challenge that fraud.

Whistleblower lawsuits help the government recover billions of dollars from wrongdoers every year. Zimmerman Reed is honored to represent whistleblowers who are willing to speak up. Our clients include employees and contractors as well as others who are aware of the fraud. Whistleblower laws allow any person with evidence of fraud against government programs or contracts to file a whistleblower or qui tam False Claims Act lawsuit.

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