Passion. Excellence. Culture.

We believe in the power of service to transform lives.

Zimmerman Reed has made social responsibility a core value and responsibility. We do so both in recognition of the privilege of being a member of the bar and to fulfill the obligations of service that live at the heart of justice. We put this understanding to work every day and embrace the following values:

We believe in the power of service to transform people and places. We believe we have a responsibility to make a difference in and to help our communities succeed.

We are committed to investing our time and talent to address social needs in our local and broader communities. We are privileged to support a broad range of organizations that are also dedicated to social justice and the empowerment of others—and take inspiration from the purpose and impact of the work done by these organizations. Our commitment to these causes and the communities they serve includes contributions of our time and talent as well as direct financial support. We are humbled by the opportunity to put our labor and leadership to work for the improvement of the health, education, well-being, and access to justice of the people in the places where we live.

We celebrate the lives our efforts help uplift. Our service has been as simple as appearing in court for an individual, pro se client, to help walk them through a hearing. Or our service has been as expansive as providing multiple-year pro bono representation of non-profit faith-based organizations and employees victimized by a national Ponzi scheme, working with the Department of Justice, and serving as the court-appointed assistant liquidating trustee. And never taking any compensation.

We affirm the value of every human life and find great meaning in the ways in which our community service lets us deepen the connections that exist between us all. Wielded well, the law can restore human dignity to those who experience wrongs and oppression.

We embrace the many faces that service can take. Our lawyers are involved in a wide range of public service activities, whether picking up hammers on a construction site, volunteering with Urban Debate League, participating on boards of local, national, or international organizations, or supporting local community or bar efforts. We are proud of the public service activities our lawyers choose, and we fully support this aspect of their professional development.