Melissa joined ZR-Minneapolis in 2014 as a Medical Record Review Specialist. She assists the attorneys and paralegals by reviewing client medical records and composing reports and summaries according to the specific needs of the client. She has past experience as a medical review specialist at a different law firm as well as a project coordinator role for a wage and hour litigation firm

Melissa’s focus and work ethic make her an ideal candidate for a Medical Record Specialist. Every day, Melissa reads through hundreds of pages of records for individuals affected by a faulty drug or medical device. She analyzes and summarizes these documents into client profiles for the paralegals, assisting them as they move forward on each client’s individual case as efficiently as possible. Her meticulous work is also used when preparing for depositions. She is a great addition to our Drug and Device team and is grateful to be a part of a firm that continues to protect and represent the rights of injured individuals.

Melissa earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Contemporary Media and Journalism from the University of South Dakota before she transitioned into the legal field. When Melissa isn’t spending her days reviewing medical records, she can be found curled up with a book, out promoting live music events, or road tripping to an “off-the-beaten-path” destination.