United Airline Low Price Guarantee Class Action

United Airlines advertise on their website a “Low Fare Guarantee” – essentially a promise that customers booking directly on united.com will get the lowest ticket price available. They also promote it as cutting out service fees you may wind up paying to a travel agent or booking online through other sites. Our lawsuit alleges scores of unknowing customers purchasing two or more tickets this way actually paid a higher per ticket price. This happens because of United’s system of automatically up-selling higher fare tickets for all travelers even if some, but not enough, lower fare tickets are available. If you purchased two or more United Airline tickets on united.com in a single transaction from 2010 to 2014, we want to hear from you. We are currently seeking witnesses for this pending class action litigation. Contact us at 1.800.887.8029 to learn about your rights.


United Airline classifies its fares by fare buckets using codes such as Q, U, H, and M classes where Q is the cheapest and most restricted economy class fare and M is the most expensive and least restrictive economy class fare. If there are three Q fares available for $200 each and six U fares for $300 each and you want to purchase four Q fares for $800, United will automatically upsell you to four U fares for a total purchase price of $1,200 even though you could have purchased three Q fares for $600 and one U fare for $300, which would have saved you $300.

By failing to honor the advertised and promoted low fare guarantee, this could be adding hundreds of dollars to the total price of your trip. Consumer protection laws are designed to ensure that the claims made on a company website to the public are truthful and not misleading. If a company is deceiving the public for their own financial gain, consumers can join together, stand up and hold the company.

How We Can Help

If you recently booked two or more tickets online at united.com from 2010 to 2014, you may have paid an inflated price. If you would like more information, or would just like to talk with someone on our legal team, please call us at 1.800.887.8029 for a free consultation or fill out an online free case review. Zimmerman Reed is experienced in handling consumer protection cases and we welcome any questions you may have.