Comcast/Xfinity Investigation

Customers across the United States, as well as state attorneys general, have alleged that Comcast/Xfinity violated consumer protection laws by engaging in unethical and opaque business practices. Some of these practices include deceptive advertising, padding customer bills with fraudulent fees and rate increases, and signing customers up for services and accounts they did not request.  Fill out our free case review or call us at 1.800.887.8029 to learn more how we can help you with your potential claim.


Comcast/Xfinity has consistently rated the lowest in customer satisfaction amongst major cable and internet service providers by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, a reputation that led Comcast to rebrand themselves as Xfinity in 2010. Despite this reputation, Xfinity’s profit increased from year-to-year. We believe this is in large part due to price increases and the fee structure they have implemented.

Aside from the arbitrary annual price increases, they have begun imposing ancillary fees that can increase a customer’s bill by 30% or more compared to the advertised price. Some of these fees include the Regional Sports Fee, Broadcast TV Fee, and rental fees. These discretionary fees are added to the advertised price at the time a bill of service is issued and, according to Consumer Reports, can add upwards of $40 more to a customer’s bill. Prior to 2015, these fees were transparent and included in the advertised price.

Experience Taking on Cable Companies

We are lead counsel representing CenturyLink customers that have filed legal actions in several states alleging they were overcharged and billed for services they didn’t request or authorize. We have the experience to help customers like you.

How We Can Help

If you are a current or former Comcast/Xfinity customer and believe you were the victim of improper sales or billing practices by Comcast/Xfinity, we’d like to hear about your experience. If you would like more information or would just like to talk with someone on our team experienced in consumer fraud, please call us at 1.800-887-8029.  We are here to answer your questions and determine if a legal claim is right for you.