Consumers Claim Dometic Refrigerators are Defective

Thousands of consumers nationwide that purchased Dometic RV and boat refrigerators are now finding out these products may have a design defect making them a fire hazard risk. A complaint filed against Dometic Corporation, the maker of Dometic gas absorption refrigerators, a common appliance in recreational vehicles and boats, alleges that the refrigerators, “contain dangerous defects that can cause them to vent pressurized hydrogen and ignite a fire.” The complaint further alleges that Dometic knew of the refrigerator fire risk, but hid that information from the public.

The Dometic refrigerator contains flammable gases – including hydrogen gas – under high pressure. The gases are heated by electricity or propane to circulate and provide the refrigeration effect. Fires are allegedly caused when defects in the Dometic refrigerator design release flammable gases, which can then explosively ignite and spread quickly through the refrigerator compartment and into the passenger area of the RV. The complaint further states that since 1997, at least 3,000 fires resulting in millions of dollars in property damage and personal injury have been reportedly been caused or were contributed by certain defective Dometic refrigerators.

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