McCormick’s Black Pepper Tins

Earlier this year, spice maker McCormick started shipping 25% less pepper without changing the size of the signature red-and-white tins it comes in. Misleading package sizes are nothing new. You open a bag of potato chips and you find a little product and a lot of empty space. The industry calls this “slack fill” and it’s allowed for only certain reasons, like if it keeps a product from breaking. However, providing less product in a deceptively large package is not a valid reason. As companies are trying to figure out how to cut costs and increase revenue, consumers can end up on the losing end. We want to talk to consumers who bought McCormick’s black pepper tins after January 2015, please call us at 1-800-887-8029.


The McCormick signature ground black pepper tins in question come in three sizes. The large container that once had 8 ounces of pepper now only has 6. The medium container with 4 ounces now has only 3, and a 2 ounce tin contains 1.5 ounces. 25% less in each tin, but the price and size of the tin has stayed the same. In some stores, the slack filled tins haven’t completely replaced the original tins so same sized tins with different amounts of black pepper are being sold for the exact same price. Recently it was reported that McCormick has also reduced its largest selling black peppercorn grinders by 20%. The McCormick slack fill may seem like a minor infraction, but the end result is very lucrative for the spice maker.

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Other companies around the country have faced lawsuits for similar deceptive packaging practices. If you bought McCormick’s pepper tins after January 2015, you may have a claim. For more information, or to talk with someone on our legal team, please call us at 1-800-887-8029. Zimmerman Reed is experienced in handling consumer protection cases and we welcome any questions you may have.