Retired NFL Players Publicity Lawsuit

Settlement News: A historic settlement was approved between retired NFL players and the League to resolve the retired players’ publicity rights class action. The settlement creates a licensing agency that, for the first time, will market the group rights of retired players. The NFL has agreed to partner with the Agency to help retired players establish commercial opportunities.

The agreement also establishes a Common Good Fund, whose board of directors is tasked with representing the health and welfare interests of all retired NFL players. The NFL will pay $42 million to support the efforts of the Common Good Fund, and has agreed to meet with former players on a quarterly basis to discuss matters of importance to the retiree community. The court will appoint an initial board of directors consisting of prominent former players to run the Fund.

Licensing Agency: After a rigorous selection process, the Board of Directors has chosen IMG as its partner to run the Licensing Agency.  IMG will work with retired players to monetize their names, images, and likenesses through the commercialization of historical NFL footage and other group licensing programs.  The joint press release can be viewed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to address questions from former players, the Court recently approved an updated set of answers to frequently asked questions.  This update included additional details about the benefits and opportunities available through the settlement agreement that have been developed over the past several months.  For that information, and details on how to rejoin the settlement if you have already opted out, click here.

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