Delivery Flaw in CVS Shipping Methods for Arthritis Drug

In a report by Law360, patients allege that CVS/Caremark failed to keep Enbrel, an arthritis drug, at the proper temperature during shipment to customers. Enbrel is a biologic, which means it has to be kept at the correct temperature of 36 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit–or it may no longer work effectively. Zimmerman Reed represents Enbrel users that obtained these pharmaceuticals within the past four years. “Although Caremark is keenly aware of the specific temperature requirements, [it] does not have adequate policies and procedures in place to ensure that the specialty drugs are maintained within each drug’s required temperature range during storage and distribution such that it reaches end users with quality intact,” the lawsuit alleges. Out-of-pocket expenses for such a drug can exceed $40,000 a year.