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Fans Litigation for Record-Breaking Boxing Match

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According to a report by Law360, pay-per-view customers accuse Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, and their affiliates on the grounds that they hid Pacquiao’s shoulder injury to boost ratings and sales of the highly anticipated 2015 fight between the two powerhouse boxers. The fans defended their allegations that the boxers forged a bogus fight, foreseeing a… Read more »

California Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Los Angeles Resident

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A California appellate court ruled that Los Angeles cannot outsource its initial review of traffic violations to a private contractor, LA Weekly reports. “Drivers across California should demand that their elected officials follow the law and end their illegal parking contracts with for-profit companies,” Caleb Marker, attorney at Zimmerman Reed, said. The court also remarked that… Read more »

Minnesota Dept. of Commerce Escheats Unclaimed Properties

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Allegations have come forward regarding the Minnesota Department of Commerce seizing dormant accounts with large sums of money and making it harder for the rightful owners to claim it back—as reported by MinnPost. The unclaimed property program was initially put in place in 1969 to protect inactive financial accounts and properties from financial institutions. State… Read more »