Uniquely qualified to advise and represent governmental and public entities.

Zimmerman Reed’s Public Client practice provides legal services to public entities charged with safeguarding critical interests of their constituents. Our clients include states, municipalities, retirement systems, and other governmental entities. The firm brings a wealth of experience to the litigation of complex cases on behalf of these clients. Our proven record covers a wide range of practice areas, including antitrust, consumer protection, health care, environmental, and investment fraud.

Our breadth makes us uniquely qualified to advise and represent governmental and public entities as they seek redress from individuals or companies who engage in unlawful conduct that violates the public interest. We understand the public policy issues that inform the debate surrounding litigation by governmental and public entities. We dedicate significant focus and time to the assessment and investigation phase prior to litigation and have the resources to vigorously pursue those cases to trial or positive resolution. As a result, we have built close relationships with public institutions across the country, serving not only as trusted advisors in litigation but also providing counsel in addressing legal policy and strategy.

The firm’s successful public sector representation extends to a 9:0 win at the U.S. Supreme Court, reversing a lower circuit opinion, and described by commentators as “arguably the State AG case of the year.”

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Notable Cases

Juul / Altria Litigation

Represented the State of Minnesota, along with co-counsel at Robins Kaplan, in litigation and at trial, against e-cigarette manufacturers, JUUL and Altria, for deceptively marketing their vaping products and targeting Minnesota’s youth. This case achieved a $60.5 M settlement.

Opioids: AG Litigation

Representing the States of Indiana and Vermont with co-counsel, Cohen Milstein, in investigation of and litigation against entities who created and fueled the nation’s opioid crisis. The States’ litigation included claims against the Sackler family and pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma, Inc., the drug distributors, and pharmacies. The combined actions – and inactions – of these companies resulted in a medical, social, and economic crisis that has still not been eliminated. These cases, along with cases across the country, achieved a $26 billion settlement with Distributors and Johnson & Johnson. Cases against Purdue and the pharmacies continue.

Navient Student Lending

Represented the Mississippi Attorney General in litigation against Navient and Sallie Mae Bank, alleging that the companies had engaged in deceptive and unfair lending practices in their origination and servicing of student loans directed at the State’s student loan borrowers. Those practices had created overwhelming burdens for young students and barriers to their future success. The litigation recovered millions in restitution and private debt relief for the students.

Visa and MasterCard Interchange Fees

Represented the State of New Mexico in an action alleging that Visa and MasterCard violated state consumer protection and antitrust laws by engaging in deceptive conduct related to their debit and credit card fees.

LCD Price Fixing

Represented the State of Mississippi, asserting consumer fraud and antitrust claims, and challenging the removability of a State’s case under the Class Action Fairness Act. Collaborated with a coalition of attorneys general offices as we navigated this highly contested litigation, including defending the case in state court, federal district court, the MDL court, the Fifth Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court.


Defended an attorney general’s office in a case brought by Google, challenging the legality and enforceability of the state’s Civil Investigative Demand issued by the attorney general.

MTBE Water Contamination

Represented various cities, towns, school districts, and other municipalities in the MTBE Water Contamination Litigation, to address contaminants in their water supplies. The entities were able to recover damages caused by contaminated groundwater including the costs of removing MTBE and benzene from drinking water supplies


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