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As issues in the sports industry arise, Zimmerman Reed represents college and professional athletes. We advocate for our clients, using our collective knowledge, experience, and resources in a variety of cases, including copyright and trademark, publicity issues, contract negotiations and personal injury. Our commitment to our clients has led to groundbreaking successes in these areas of law; not only have we recovered money for our clients, but we have also created change. The proof is in the results.


Zimmerman Reed represented retired NFL players in a historic settlement to resolve retired football players’ publicity rights claims. The federal judge in that case, Judge Paul Magnuson, called the settlement, “truly one-of-a-kind, and a remarkable victory for the class as a whole,” and “a boon to those thousands upon thousands of former NFL players who can now reap the collective benefit of a large financial payout to a fund organized solely for their benefit.” In a separate case against the NFL, we represented hundreds of NFL players in concussion litigation, which resulted in a proposed $765 million settlement to support retired players affected by concussive head injuries sustained while in the League. In addition to providing compensation, the proposed settlement also provides for medical exams and ongoing neurological care for former players, as well as for medical research. Read more about our cases and who we represent below.

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