Whistleblower lawsuits help the government recover billions of dollars from wrongdoers every year.

Sometimes, entities like large drug companies, financial institutions, or corporations commit fraud in their dealings with the government and fail to compensate the government for what is due. To help recover the losses caused by that wrongdoing, state and federal laws provide protections–and compensation–for whistleblowers who help uncover and challenge that fraud.

Whistleblower lawsuits help the government recover billions of dollars from wrongdoers every year. Zimmerman Reed is honored to represent whistleblowers who are willing to speak up. Our clients include employees and contractors as well as others who are aware of the fraud. Whistleblower laws allow any person with evidence of fraud against government programs or contracts to file a whistleblower or qui tam False Claims Act lawsuit.

A whistleblower is entitled to a monetary award if the government or another private party has not already filed a claim based on the same evidence.  At Zimmerman Reed, we know how to help whistleblowers and assist them in navigating this complex area. Then, we fight to assure our clients are rewarded for the bravery and insights that expose the wrongdoing.  Our high-impact representations deliver consequential litigation results and have earned us a reputation for qui tam litigation excellence.

Because of the first to file rule, potential whistleblowers should immediately contact an attorney if they have evidence of schemes or billing practices that defraud government programs or agencies.

If you have questions about a current case or potential case, contact us.

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The firm is currently actively representing many whistleblower lawsuits in courts across the country, at different points in the litigation. Due to the confidentiality of these cases, we cannot share more information.

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