An established leader in the fight to hold companies responsible for breaches.

Today, everything from smart appliances to retail transactions, social media, and other online interactions generates vast amounts of data that contains valuable personal information. That data can then be used to track political affiliations, financial information, private health and medical histories, and more.  Both state and federal governments have created laws that direct what businesses must do to protect personal information and avoid violating personal privacy. But far too often, data breaches and violations of privacy occur.

Zimmerman Reed was one of the first firms —and is now an established leader—in the fight to hold companies responsible when they violate customers’ privacy or fail to protect personal and financial data.  Our experience includes representation of individuals and businesses for data breaches and inadequate data security against businesses like credit agencies, health systems, hotels, retailers, and other consumer goods and services providers. We also actively pursue litigation against companies whose data collection and retention practices directly violate privacy rights.

We use our in-depth experience in multi-party Consumer Protection class actions to manage complexities of large-scale privacy and data breach claims. Then, we bring the knowledge earned in courtrooms across the country to craft arguments that persuade courts—and protect our clients. As a result, we have repeatedly been appointed to leadership roles in these cases, an advantage that benefits both the individual and financial institutions we serve.

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Notable Cases

Home Depot Security Breach

Member of the Plaintiffs Steering Committee representing banks and credit unions in recovering losses caused by the data breach data breach where hackers accessed payment card data belonging to 40 million customers.

Sonic Data Breach

Appointed co-lead counsel on behalf of financial institutions in recovering losses caused by the data breach.  The litigation stems from a breach in which hackers used malware to access customers’ payment card data through the point-of-sale system used at hundreds of Sonic’s franchise locations.

Target Data Breach

Zimmerman Reed was appointed Lead Counsel on behalf of banks and credit unions in this landmark data breach action. The case was filed following a massive data breach that compromised 40 million credit and debit cards and the personal information of 110 million consumers. The class-action sought to hold Target responsible for the costs that payment card issuers incurred because of the data breach, including reimbursement of fraudulent charges and reissuance of new credit and debit cards. The case was one of the first certified classes in a data breach action and, ultimately, achieved a $59.4 million settlement.

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