Consumer Protection

Zimmerman Reed has a distinct statewide and national reputation for excellence in consumer protection litigation. When corporations conceal their contractual obligations, misrepresent goods or services, charge for services not rendered, or use any kind of unfair business practice, these violations not only injure individuals, they take a significant toll on our society’s economic health and on public confidence in the marketplace.


For individuals injured by consumer fraud, some claims may be pursued effectively on an individual basis. However, when financial harms are small and affect many consumers, courts often allow consumers to combine their claims in a class action, allowing recovery of financial loss, but equally important, to allow consumers to effectively assure that the wrongful conduct is stopped.

Featured Wins


Airline Low Price Guarantee

If you booked 2+ tickets at from 2010 to 2014 you may have overpaid

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american spirit cigarettes

American Spirit Cigarettes

Consumers allege the packaging claims “100% additive-free” and “natural” to deliberately mislead smokers

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Atlas Chalet Shingles Cracking

Atlas Chalet shingles may crack, blister, and split, leading to damage to your home

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Aurora Organic Milk Investigation

Reports allege Aurora Organic Dairy is selling its milk under the “USDA certified organic” seal when it’s not truly organic

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bmw recall

BMW Recall Amid Fire Risks

BMW has issued two recalls affecting over one million cars at risk of spontaneous combustion

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California Parking Tickets

If you contested a parking citation through an initial review and lost, you may have a claim

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CenturyLink Billing Practices

Customers allege that CenturyLink signed them up for services they didn’t request or authorize

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Charity Investigation

Donors may be unknowingly donating their money directly to a telemarketer

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Coach Outlet Deceptive Marketing

Consumers allege the MSRP price listed on Coach Outlet price tags does not represent a former price at all

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Comcast/Xfinity Investigation

Customers across the United States allege that Comcast/Xfinity violated consumer protection laws.

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Dodge Heater Problems

Certain Dodge vehicles may have defective engine parts that prevent heaters from working properly

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Dometic Refrigerators

Certain Dometic refrigerators may have design defect making them a fire hazard risk

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Dr. Reginald Archibald Sexual Abuse Investigation

The New York Times reported sexual abuse allegations surrounding a retired physician.

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Equifax Data Breach

Personal information of 143 million U.S. consumers may have been compromised by an alleged Equifax data breach

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Experian Credit Score

Experian customers may have received incorrect credit scores

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Fiat SiriusXM Receiver Investigation

We are investigating claims from Fiat drivers mislead by advertisements of a free trial of SiriusXM satellite radio

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force placed insurance

Force Placed Insurance Lawsuit

When your policy lapses, you can be forced into an over-priced policy that often offers less protection

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Gold IRA Investigation

Gold investments may be worth less than previously assumed

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Home Depot Security Breach

Banks and credit unions may recover losses arising from the Home Depot data breach

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iPhone Battery Slowdown

iPhone owners have filed a lawsuit against Apple after it admitted that it deliberately slowed down older devices

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LG 4K UHD Refresh Rates Lawsuit

If you purchased a 120Hz or 240Hz LG LED TV, you could have paid too much

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Mayweather-McGregor Streaming Issues

Helping fans who paid to stream the PPV fight and experienced technical errors

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McCormick Black Pepper Tins

McCormick starting shipping 25% less pepper without changing the size of the signature tins

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navient school loans

Navient Student Loans

Navient may have steered borrowers into bad repayment programs

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Pacquiao-Mayweather Pay-Per-View Lawsuit

If you paid to watch the pay-per-view fight, you may have a claim

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Papa Murphy’s Promotional Text Messages

Spam text message marketing practices by Papa Murphy’s Pizza

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Pork Suppliers Price-Fixing Investigation

Pork suppliers are believed to have conspired to raise pork prices since 2009

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Sony Alpha Cameras Investigation

Consumers who purchased one of Sony’s full-frame mirrorless cameras are reporting stars removed from astro-photo

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Spam Text Messages

The TCPA prohibits spam text messages and provides up to $500 in damages for each unsolicited text message

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SRP Solar Panel Rate Investigation

Salt River Project (SRP) electric company may charge higher rates to solar rooftop customers

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Uber “Hell” Tracking Program

Uber developed a secret software program called “Hell” with the intention to spy on its rival

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UBS Reverse Convertible Note Investigation

UBS traded Reverse Convertible Notes without customer awareness

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Vizio Smart TV Data Collection

Vizio Smart TVs secretly collect and transmit consumer information to advertisers and data brokers

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