We have an established legacy of protecting the public.

As consumers, all of us assume that businesses will act lawfully in their transactions with us. Yet some companies violate the laws and rules that they are required to follow when dealing with the public. Prohibited conduct includes actions like concealment of contractual obligations, misrepresentations regarding goods or services, charges for services not rendered, and other unfair business practices.

Zimmerman Reed has earned both a statewide and national reputation for excellence and innovation in consumer protection litigation brought to address this kind of business wrongdoing. We have an established legacy of protecting the public in cases involving active violation of consumer protection laws. Our expertise also extends to privacy rights in cases where businesses fail to fulfill their responsibilities, such as safeguarding sensitive consumer data or not warning the public from known dangers.

While these claims may be pursued effectively on an individual basis, often class actions offer the most effective protection. We bring an in-depth understanding of the demands of successful class action litigation. Our ability to lead and litigate even the most complex cases has resulted in courts appointing us to multiple leadership roles in state and national consumer protection litigation. Our efforts have helped clients recover financial losses—and lessened the toll unfair business conduct can have on society’s economic health and public confidence in the marketplace.

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Notable Cases

TCPA Litigation

Led the legal teams that secured settlements totaling $26.5 million in Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) cases.

National Computer Systems

Zimmerman Reed filed a lawsuit against National Computer Systems who had incorrectly scored standardized tests resulting in 7,997 students being told they failed the math section of their Basic Standards Test. Just days before trial, the case settled for more than $12 million.

Pilot Flying J

A settlement was reached in a lawsuit regarding whether or not Pilot Flying J diesel truck stops were issuing proper payment to individuals and businesses participating in the company’s fuel rebate and discount program. The settlement guarantees compensation of unpaid rebates and discounts from the class period as well as an additional 6% interest per year that the Principal rebate was unpaid for all eligible class members.

Tobacco Litigation

Zimmerman Reed was a member of a consortium of 65 class action law firms from across the country – called the Castano Group– who filed the first class action against the tobacco industry. When that nation-wide case was decertified by the Fifth Circuit, the group filed a single state class action against the major cigarette companies. That case succeeded, resulting in a jury trial that lasted three years from jury selection to final verdict. The Group ultimately filed cases across the country, including in Minnesota, in efforts parallel with state attorneys general litigating in state court.

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